Posterior cutaneous Nerve Forearm and Tennis Elbow

Rose, Nicholas E., Scott K. Forman, and A. Lee Dellon. Denervation of the lateral humeral epicondyle for treatment of chronic lateral epicondylitis.The Journal of Hand Surgery 38.2 (2013): 344-349. •Tested by nerve block 4 cm proximal to the lateral humeral epicondyle. •Nerve was microdissected , transected, and “buried within the lateral head of the triceps […]

Dry Needling Triggers May Improve Muscle

I often will use 5% lidocaine for its semi-neurolyic effects to knock out muscle triggers but worry about potentially weakening the muscle. In areas where muscle strength is imperative like some cases of neck and shoulder pains, I will dry needle instead. Now, in a case of shoulder pain, it was shown that dry needling was associated with increased muscle thickness so obviously not causing muscle weakness.

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