Odd Palate-Throat pain could be Pterygoid Hamular Bursitis

Not uncommonly, patient will come with palate-throat pains.  Often there is not much to find but when they start describing nerve-like shooting pains, one is suspicious of something amiss. The Hamular process pokes on the palate and can cause pains. Something to consider.

Case Rep Surg. 2018 Aug 12;2018:5108920.
Pterygoid Hamular Bursitis: A Possible Link to Craniofacial Pain.
Shetty SS et al

The pterygoid hamular appears so:


If it is too pointy it can project on palate so:


  • Symptoms can include:
    palate pains near hamulus
    throat pains
    maxillary pains
    in their case, pins and needles left temporal/orbital
  • diagnosis made by prominent hamulus impression and pain on pressure of it.
  • treatment involves removal

Comment – knowing it exists is probably the best measure. I’m not sure an oral surgeon would handle it- might be better to sent to our regional dental college.

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