Botulinum Works in Part by Inhibiting Spinal Microglia

Demonstrated in mice, inhibition of spinal microglia and reduced spinal inflammatory response to spinal botulinum in sciatic nerve damage scenario. Might this offer scenario for pretreatment on surgical procedures in given peripherally?

Feng, Xiaona et al.
Direct Inhibition of Microglia Activation by Pretreatment With Botulinum Neurotoxin A for the Prevention of Neuropathic Pain.
Frontiers in neuroscience vol. 15 760403. 7 Dec. 2021,

  • “Recent studies have suggested that BoNT/A could attenuates neuropathic pain by inhibiting the activation of spinal glial cells. However, it remains unclear whether BoNT/A directly interacts with these glial cells or via their interaction with neurons.
  • “BoNT/A pretreatment significantly inhibits lipopolysaccharide (LPS) -induced activation and pro-inflammatory cytokine release in primary microglia (1 U/mL BoNT/A in medium), while it has no effect on the activation of astrocytes”
  • Reduced sciatic nerve damage pain was seen

Comment – I see significant amount of hernia cases waiting for surgery in significant pain

Significant nerves cross hernial opening and can be compromised:

Injecting tender nerve areas with botulinum might mitigate pains induced by hernial protrusion and prevent chronicity afterwards..

Preoperative daily B12 shots helps too.

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