With CIBC VISA I’m a Fraud Until Proven Otherwise

While on holidays, I spent 15 minutes sorting out a pair of Z-coil shoes with customer support just to find out my visa card did not go through because of fraud alert. It felt like a slap in the face. I spent 1 hour on line with CIBC only to be transferred to a manager who then transferred me elsewhere (2 hours I’ll never get back). Apparently I was sent an email that I was supposed to know about and respond immediately to deal with unfrauding the online sale. I never look at my email because I get so much spam and I do not have access to my wife’s. I decided to go to online banking and see what’s up with my card. They insisted on verification that would go to either my landline home or office phone which was set up maybe 30+ years ago so before cellular. I was not home so could not access my account line. I spent 2 hours on phone to get my card unblocked. A root canal is looking more enticing.

Well, it appears I am a fraud. It also appears customers don’t count because I sent 2 hours working this through. I got a phone number for CIBC fraud alert 1-888-726-7320. I going to get my text message sent to cell phone but I don’t know how well that will work because it seems to send a fair amount of time in the charger. Only up id I found that apparently Paypal might actually be a better option.

I know that fraud is rampant now and we are paying the price. Unless you can text message right away, any online shopping is out because you will be treated like a fraud; and subsequently, like a customer that does not matter.

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