Honey as a Wound Dressing

In Oral Cancer surgery, contamination with saliva creates hard to heal wounds. Add MRSA staph infection and it is worse. Use honey and problem disappears and all MSRA cases were easily managed.

Medawela, Rajapakse Mudiyanselage Sumudu HB, et al.
Bee Honey Wound Dressing—Success Story in Management of Wounds in Oral Cancer Patients.
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (2018) in press

Contends effects are due to:

  • osmotic activity
  • acidic pH (3.2 to 4.2)
  • production of hydrogen peroxide
  • specific plant-derived factors
  • provision of a moist wound environment
  • promotion of healthy granulation tissue
  • anti-inflammatory effect

MRSA  germ infected cases responded and also contended there is no antibiotic resistance to honey

They felt commercially available honey worked better than domestic.

Sounds like they just poured it on…

In one case used 25 days of honey dresssings to good advantage.

Comment – this has been suggested for years – its advantage in MRSA wounds makes it appealing.


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