Migraine with aura Helped by High CO2 and Oxygen during aura

Vasodilation (induced by increased carbon dioxide) and increased oxygen can abort migraine in aura stage. Using a device that makes you rebreathe your air so you get increased CO2 in blood can can vasodilation in the vasoconstrictive phase of migraine aura. Ensuring adequate O2 inhaled can increase blood flow and oxygenation to brain and aborts headache in maybe 2/3 cases.

Treatment of acute migraine by a partial rebreathing device: A randomized controlled pilot study
Cecilia H Fuglsang et al
Cephalalgia 2018 in press

  • subjects were in aura phase headache where veins are constricted
  • device allows you to rebreathe some of your expired air so blood CO2 levels rise

actual results were mediocre though hailed as great


Comment – you can bring up CO2 levels by breathing in and out of paper bag some. hyperventilate and O2 levels will rise. For what it’s worth. If used in painful phase of headache (post aura), when blood vessels are already dilated –  then  the results could be disastrous with excessive dilatation of blood vessels and increased headache.


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