Alcoholism- ?Ketamine Benefits

Article suggests ketamine makes one forget drinking habits and may help abstinence. Depression element could be controlled but not the state where one thinks one can handle anything so can just have one…

Das, R. K., Gale, G., Walsh, K., Hennessy, V. E., Iskandar, G., Mordecai, L. A., … & Kamboj, S. K. Ketamine can reduce harmful drinking by pharmacologically rewriting drinking memories. Nature communications, 10(1), 1-10 (2019).

  • by disrupting Maladaptive reward memories (MRMs) urge for drinking is reduced.
  • Technique involves remembering MRM and then give ketamine while still fresh in mind so it can be erased some
  • Results

that is over a 50% decline in urge.

Comment – used ketamine in one subject  because she was depressed as well. However,  she got herself into a hyper state where she felt in control and could do no wrong and felt she could control her drinking with disastrous effects… So no go if it does that.


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