Isolated Lumbar Disc Disease Found and Treated

Isolated Lumbar Disc Disease Can be Determined by Non-Invasive Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) and Responds to Surgery. Non-Invasive Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy scans for certain disc chemicals-  lactate (LA) and proteoglycan (PG), as quantifiable biomarkers for discogenic pain. It was found to have “total accuracy of 85%, sensitivity of 82%, and specificity of 88%. These increased to 93%, 91%, and 93%
respectively, in non-herniated discs” – when compared to provocative discography (PD).  Surgery to positive discs made it practical: :”when all MRS positive discs were treated, surgical success was 97% versus 57% when the treated level was MRS negative, or 54% when the non-treated adjacent level was MRS positive.”

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Dementia and Infection – Could It be That Simple?

Yeast like germs found in facial seborrhea (Malassezia and Candida species), and other fungi have been found in brains of alzheimer victims. Prior untreated facial cold sores increase dementia rate 3-10 fold. The beta amyloid we were so worried about is toxic to these organism and now thought to be just a protective agent. Mouse model of alzheimer’s is now shown to get candida granulomas in the brain. Very quickly there may be a paradigm shift of thinking of alzheimer causes from brain crud problem to infection. Researchers have also found an agent to interfere with prion virus like particles found in dementia. And now, more recently, gum disease bacteria is thought to be a major player in both dementia and maybe coronary artery disease. New theory links clotting factor leakage in brain to dementia.

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Drug Combos Do Not Work In Back Pain -But what you might try

It is commonly taught that drug combinations should be used in chronic pain – the most common pain being chronic back pain. Now it has been shown that little is gained from that. Only combo worth mentioning was buprenorphine plus pregabalin – the former is difficult if insurers won’t cover. There are other options that require actually treating the patient.

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Ankylosing Spondylitis with Hypermobility Syndrome – Impossible to diagnose

I once wrote that ankylosing spondylitis (AK) was impossible to diagnose in women:
The Pain Diagnosis that Cannot be Made in Women – Spine Arthritis – Ankylosing Spondylitis
Blood work is rarely positive including ESR, CRP, and HLA B27; MRI imaging takes at least 10 years to show positive and radiologist are not very good at reading them. Finally, women have hypermobile SI joints by necessity re pregnancy and rarely show much stiffness. To make things worse, are those cases that have AK and hypermobility syndrome – their chances of diagnosis are low. 4 cases were diagnosed mostly because they were HLA B27 positive (unusual finding) and they had a family history of rheumatic disease

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Tips to Make Nerve blocks Help Headaches More – and Cluster Headache Injections

Recently, I have been lucky enough to achieve control of a very bad headache sufferer using some advances I read. Using higher strength lidocaine; and frontally, pinpoint near nerve foramen injection for supra and infraorbital nerves. Recently an article found 9 mls of  1% lidocaine with 1 ml triamcinolone 40 mg (increased volume) helped 9/10 cluster headache, as well

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